Neck Light: LED Illumination

  • $27.95

Neck Light: Illumination Without the Usual Headaches

Here’s one of those rare times when it’s smart to NOT use your head. Instead of strapping on a heavy, headache-inducing headlamp, simply slip on the comfortable and lightweight Neck Light. Boasting a bright 200 lumens and the ability to articulate the beam up to 90°, it’s ideal for any hands-free task from tuning your sports car to nighttime tailgating. Universal design fits any size from beanpole- to bull-like necks, won’t interfere with wearing a cap or hard hat. And with an IPX4-certified rating, it’s ready to light your way through any weather. 

  • A more comfortable, versatile alternative to cumbersome headlamps
  • Universal ergonomic design fits any neck, delivers hands-free light precisely where it’s needed
  • Four levels of bright white LED light: 50, 100, 150 or 200 lumens
  • Won’t interfere with a cap, helmet or hard hat
  • IPX4-rated for weather resistance
  • Two AA batteries (included) deliver up to 5 hours of illumination

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