Hand Warmer Rechargeable Winter Double-Side Heating Anti-slip

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1.[Warm] Compared with traditional electric hot water bottles, warm gloves or heating pads, this hand warmer will provide you with a warmer, safer and special cold-proof experience.

2.[Quickly heating] The rechargeable hand warmer does not have a built-in battery, but it can be quickly heated after 3 minutes of charging. The hand warmer can continue to warm for 1-2 hours after putting on the flannel bag, and the service life is longer.

3.[Liquid-free and explosion-proof] This hand warmer adopts a unique liquid-free design, and uses ceramic energy storage plates to generate heat and efficiently store heat, which is explosion-proof and safer.

4.[Easy to carry] This hand warmer is lightweight, small in size, easy to carry, and can be used for indoor and outdoor activities, such as office work, skiing, hiking, camping, etc.

5.[Perfect gift] This hand warmer is made of high quality materials and exquisite workmanship. It is a perfect gift for children, friends, colleagues and lovers.


Rated Voltage: 110V

Rated Power: 270W

Charging Time: 3 minutes

Use Time: More than 1.5 hours

Plug Type: US Plug 

Bag Color: Black

How To Use:

1. When using, unzip the velvet cover, open the velvet bag, pull out the soft rubber plug and expose the socket, first use the 8-shaped tap end of the power cord to fully insert the hand warmer. Plug the other end into the power socket, see the indicator light next to the hand warmer socket is lit, and start to power on and heat up. About 3 minutes, put on the cloth cover and zip, leave it for 8-10 minutes, wait until the temperature reaches the highest point before use. If the indicator light does not go out for a long time, immediately unplug the power plug and place it out of the reach of children, and do not place objects on the appliance.

2. When powering on, pay attention to the indicator light. The indicator light will go out in about 3 minutes, which means the power on and heat storage is complete.

3. There will be a process of temperature rise within a few minutes after the power is off. It is recommended to put it in a flannel bag for warmth to enhance the feel and extend the heat preservation time.

4. After using the hand warmer for a period of time, the surface temperature is lowered before the second power-on heating. If the surface temperature is still high, and the internal thermostat has not been closed, the second energization heating is invalid.

Type A Package Included:

1 * Electric Hand Warmer

1 * Charging Cable

1 * Sling Rope

1 * Small Bag

1 * User Manual

Type B Package Included:

2 * Electric Hand Warmers

2 * Charging Cables

2 * Sling Ropes

2 * Small Bags

2 * User Manuals