iHoverboard Hoverboard 6.5 Inch Bluetooth Speaker Self Balance LED

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Hoverboard 6.5 Inch Bluetooth Speaker Self Balance Scooters LED Electric Two Wheels Skateboard Smart Bag For Kids



Speed Protection: 8 km/h(contain)-12 km/h(no contain)

Distance: around 8-12 km(depends on rider's weight, road conditions etc)

Max tilt: around 10°-15°-30°(depends on rider's weight)

highest power: 500W(contain)-1000W(no contain)

Using temperature: -10°C-40°C(recommending at 10°C-30°C)

Max load: 100 kg

Minimum load: 20 kg

Body weight: 8 kg

Dimensions: 63*20*18 cm (L x W x H)

Power: 500W Plus

Battery: 36V

Charging Voltage: AC110-240V 50-60HZ

Charging Time: About 2 Hours

Low Battery Protection when battery is lower than 10%, it will slow down and finally stopped working.


CE Certification:Yes


Max Speed:<30km/h

Voltage of Battery:36v

Frame Material:Aluminum/Alloy

Wattage:251 - 350w

Power Supply:Lithium Battery

Type:Two Wheels