LINNHUE Baitcasting Reel BT2000 8kg Drag SFS Double Brake 6.3:1 High Speed w/Spare Spool

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Product Features

+ SFS mechanical brake,No press spool, line won’t be winded,When bait falls into the water, the spool brakes instantly, Prevent the line from being tangled, easy to control

+ Large magnetic control,From long shot to fine fishing method can be competent

+ CNC spool,Stable and Prevent the line from being tangled

+ High-precision alloy spool, smoothly at high speed without jumping, smooth out line,Prevent the line from being tangled


+ Brand: LINNHUE

+ Spool Capacity:2000

+ Net weight:201g

+ Line Capacity(mm-M)2000:

1#-200m; 2#-160m; 3#-120m; 5#-95m

Brand Name:LINNHUE


Position:Ocean Boat Fishing

Position:Ocean Rock Fishing

Position:Ocean Beach Fishing



Position:Reservoir Pond


Model Number:BT2000

Fishing Method:Bait Casting

Fishing Reels Type: Baitcast Reel

Baits Type:Fake Bait

Gear Ratio:6.3:1

Category:Lure Fishing Reel

Fishing Reel:Saltwater Reel

Max Drag:8kg


spool weight:14g

suitable bait weight:7-25g

Color:black red/black green/black golden/black purple/black blue