Spectrum Classic Volleyball Net System

  • $319.99

The Spectrum Classic volleyball net system from Park and Sun has been "the" outdoor recreational volleyball net system for serious outdoor grass and sand players for over twenty years. The poles are easy to set up, very sturdy, and set up a tight net.  It also couldn't be easier to adjust the height of the volleyball net ... use the lowest for your kids, or set it to the highest adjustment for professional level play! The foot-long stakes offer incredible stability and the premeasured court boundary markers can have you set up a regulation volleyball court in minutes.


  • Adjustable Height: 8' (Men), 7' 8" (Coed), 7' 4" (Women)
  • 3-ft by 32-ft professional sleeve netting with 3-in bindings

  • 12-in forged steel ground stakes with stake bag

  • 5/16-in premeasured boundary with corner anchors

  • Cord winder and heavy-duty nylon bag with full zipper

  • 5/16-in Pull-Down™ system with tension rings

  • 2-piece, 2-in telescopic aircraft aluminum poles

  • Pre-measured boundary for 30 x 60 foot court

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